WebRTC Weekly Issue #421 - March 9, 2022

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


3 Reasons WebRTC Will Thrive in 2022 (Toolbox)
Because there’s no other alternative…


Senior Audio/Video Engineer at Vowel (sponsored):
Come and implement key Audio/Video features across our platform

Optimizing WebRTC Power Consumption (webrtcHacks)
Markus Handell on the tools Google uses for profiling and optimizing WebRTC’s performance.

Escaping the hall of mirrors (WebRTC fiddle of the Month)
How to reduce the hall of mirrors effect while screen sharing.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

How can watchRTC improve your WebRTC service operations? (testRTC)
Not only pure monitoring.

Amazon launches a ‘live radio’ app, Amp, which lets you play DJ with music and call-ins (TechCrunch)
Can’t have a week without a Clubhouse wannabe.


Introducing the Jitsi Meet React SDK (Jitsi)
Jitsi now has an official React SDK.

eyeson releases ‘Stream-in-Stream’ Video Conferencing for Developers (eyeson)
Adds pushing external streams into their MCU-based conferencing service.

Introducing Native Matrix VoIP with Element Call (Element)
P2P for the time being.

OpenVidu 2.21.0: welcome OpenVidu Enterprise (OpenVidu)
The enterprise edition is now in GA.

Agora releases updated Native, React Native & Flutter SDKs (Agora)
Video enhancements in native and super resolution in react caught my eyes.

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