WebRTC Weekly Issue #90 - October 21, 2015

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


What’s Next for WebRTC? (Chad Wallace Hart)
Chad on what we should expect from WebRTC use cases moving forward.

Skype URLs make it ridiculously easy to video chat with anyone, no account needed (TheNextWeb)
Skype actually makes use of WebRTC being WebRTC.

RCS in Android and Its Impact On Messaging and Operators (Upperside)
Pundits share their views about Google’s acquisition of Jibe Mobile.


Hello Chrome and Firefox, this is Edge calling (webrtcHacks)
Fippo, on getting PeerConnection implemented on top of ORTC.

Building WebRTC with Bitcode (&yet)
Jon Hjelle details step by step how to enable bitcode for iOS 9 in the WebRTC code base.

Hackspace Hat quick install (PlanB)
Stream a webcam connected to a Raspberry Pi to a browser using WebRTC.

WebRTC Conferencing: Exchanging Audio Information between Client and Conference Mixer (WebRTC Standards)
Audio is often an overlooked requirement in multiparty video. Dan explains what controls WebRTC has available for us today.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

INTICO Launches New Business Offering “iTalkYou Rooms” (Veeting Rooms)
iTalkYou hosts Veeting’s service on premise to serve its own customer base.


Support for Microsoft Edge ORTC is Here (Frozen Mountain)
Frozen Mountain adds ORTC (and Microsoft Edge) support to their IceLink product.

XirSys V2.3 Released (XirSys)
XirSys introduces some interesting new features – SFU, Signaling and a slew of integrations.

Meet the world’s first P2P-capable HTML5 HLS/DASH player (Viblast)
While I am not sure this is the first of its kind, but HLS/DASH is important in the WebRTC P2P CDN category.

Talky for smaller screens (&yet)
Talky now works better on screens with smaller resolutions.

Get better customer insight with UberConference & Salesforce (Switch)
UberConference now integrates with Salesforce.

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