WebRTC Weekly Issue #87 - September 30, 2015

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


White paper: The Real-Time Revolution in e-Learning (TokBox)
A good overview to education related use cases that make use of WebRTC.

HEVC Advance Says They Will “Adjust Fees” For Licensing HEVC Patents (StreamingMedia)
Now that they messed things up for H.265 they are somewhat retracting?

The Kranky Geeks Had Fun in SF (Graves On SOHO Technology)
We sure did!

Why are you so mean? WebRTC NV / ORTC APIs are too hard
(WebRTC by Dr Alex)
Alex explains why the ORTC APIs seem more complex than the WebRTC APIs.

Mozilla’s Firefox fights for relevance (arstechnica.com)
Firefox 41 integrates WebRTC messaging, but it’s that gonna be enough?


3 Expert Videos to Help You Conquer WebRTC (AT&T Developer Community)
While not specific to WebRTC, the content of these videos are important to WebRTC developers.

Traffic Encryption (webrtcHacks)
Fippo on how easy it is to distinguish VoIP (and WebRTC) traffic over the wire even when encrypted.

W3C Discussion on WebRTC Screen Sharing (webrtcstandards.info)
Narrative on what was discussed at last W3C session on WebRTC.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Test drive ORTC on Microsoft Edge (modern.ie)
The nice folks at &yet have this demo app on the Edge developer site.


Introducing the Sinch API Explorer (Sinch)

Bit6 Launches AssistHub, Enables Every Company to Deploy Live On-Device Customer Support (MarketWatch)
Bit6 introduces a new full fledged service on top of its API platform.

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