WebRTC Weekly Issue #86 - September 23, 2015

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


6 Actionable WebRTC Recommendations To Help Innovate and Disrupt How You Communicate (AT&T)
A WebRTC 101 piece with some solid recommendations from AT&T.

WebRTC brings a raft of benefits for collaboration and customer care (Orange)
Orange also takes a stab at explaining what’s WebRTC exactly.

The Kranky Geek event hosted at Google, San Francisco (CallStats.io)
Varun and Lasse summarize what interested them the most in the recent Kranky Geek event.

What to hope for from the Alliance for Open Media (Upperside Conferences)
Pundits share their thoughts about the recent Alliance for Open Media announcement.

ORTC in Edge – Are you ready for the tsunami? (WebRTC by Dr Alex)
Alex shares his thoughts about ORTC being added to Microsoft Edge. Amir offers an analysis of his own on The New Dial Tone.

Enterprises are Now Driving the Bulk of Telecoms Innovation (Alan Quayle)
An interesting read on who’s “running the show” these days.

Using WebRTC to Reshape Customer Experience in the Contact Center (Nice)
Ofer Yavelberg explains how WebRTC improves the contact center experience.


W3C Interim Meeting Brings New Functionality and API Changes to WebRTC (WebRTC Standards)
Dan and Amir share the latest from the recent W3C meeting held last week. There are also notes by Varun and Lasse about this meeting.

Implementing Video Chat in a Phoenix Application with WebRTC (Hashrocket)
A tutorial on using WebRTC with the Phoenix web framework by Chad Brading.

Building an Android WebRTC Video Chat App (RealTimeWeekly)
Kevin Gleason with a tutorial on using PubNub building an Android native video chat app.

First steps with ORTC (webrtcHacks)
Fippo explains the basics of using ORTC in Edge.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Enabling seamless communication experiences for the web with Skype, Skype for Business and Microsoft Edge (Office blogs)
Now that Microsoft Edge has ORTC, Skype are first to release support for it (obviously), with a promise of future interoperability with Firefox and Chrome.

Bluemix and Twilio mix voice and data to help doctors (IBM Bluemix)
Jeff Sloyer discusses in detail his session from Kranky Geek.

peoplefone Adopts the Web Conferencing Solution Veeting Rooms (Veeting Rooms)
peoplefone white labels Veeting Rooms solution to offer it to its customers.


ORTC API is now available in Microsoft Edge (Microsoft)
WebRTC is now on Edge.

Web Apps – The Newest Evolution in Collaboration (Lifesize)
Lifesize introduces full support for its service via the browser using WebRTC. There’s also a whitepaper to go along with it.

EasyRTC iOS SDK (Easy RTC)
EasyRTC added an iOS SDK to its set of tools.

Riding the Circuit (Unify)
Circuit expands to more countries.

New Features and a Facelift (Zencastr)
Zencastr gets microphone and recording management (along with a redesign).

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