WebRTC Weekly Issue #85 - September 16, 2015

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

Before we begin:

Kranky Geek WebRTC Show took place last week. You can watch all the sessions here.

Also checkout these notes by Alex Kras and Dan Jenkins notes on Google’s roadmap for WebRTC.


Live Sports and 4k (Peer5)
An interesting read on the bandwidth and server needs once we go up to 4K for live events.

WebRTC Vital Sign: Adoption and Usage (WebRTC Stats)
A round up of the numbers thrown around at our Kranky Geek event.


The impact of Google’s new Chrome security policy on WebRTC (TokBox)
Time to switch to HTTPS for good. WebRTC won’t work on Chrome from December otherwise.

GetUserMedia: Using the Media Capture and Streams API (tuts+)
A good tutorial on getUserMedia.

Reacting to React Native for native WebRTC apps (webrtcHacks)
An explainer on integrating WebRTC with the React framework.

TechTok catch up – WebRTC codec wars: rebooted (TokBox)
Tsahi talks at length about the new Alliance of Open Media at TokBox’ TechTok event.

WebRTC privacy (Maire Reavy)
Maire explains the VPN IP leakage in WebRTC and what the Mozilla team is doing about it. Also checkout the Mozilla blog on this one.

Will Simulcast be in webrtc 1.0? (WebRTC by Dr Alex)
No, but read the reasons why there’s little hope for it this late in the game.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

FamilyCommunicator.org (Family Communicator)
A free service set up to assist communication of families in times of trouble such as the Syrian refugee crisis.

Mashing Up WebRTC & Bitcoin for Pay-for-Use Telephony (NoJitter)
Brent Kelly looks at the current attempts of using Bitcoins in WebRTC implementations.


iOS SDK 2.4 release with automatic session and push notifications environment management (QuickBlox)
Last week QuickBlox released its Android SDK. This week there’s a new version of its iOS SDK.

VoIP calling now supported in Android Matrix Console (Matrix)
Matrix comes out with their reference client implementation, now supporting voice and video calling in Android.

New Circuit Features (Unify)
Circuit adds a few new features for its end users.

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