WebRTC Weekly Issue #80 - August 12, 2015

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


WebRTC isn’t the only game in town (Telecoms.com)
It is, but I’ll let you read other’s opinions from time to time.

ClueCon 2015 Recap (MojoLingo)
From the post: I think it is becoming clear to a majority that WebRTC is “when”, not “if”.

World, Meet Thor – a Project to Hammer Out a Royalty Free Video Codec (Cisco)
H.265. VP9. Daala. And now Thor. Interesting times ahead of us with video codecs.


WebRTC Live Stream Broadcast (Telecom R&D)
Altanai explains the various alternatives of using WebRTC for broadcasting content.

Additions to RTCRtpSender Enhance Video Control (WebRTC Standards)
Dan about upcoming controls we should expect for outgoing video streams in WebRTC.

Dashboard “Greenness”, one bug at a time (Dr Alex on WebRTC)
Alex gets WebRTC’s library automated tests pass on AWS VMs.

Deprecated code (WebRTC Example)
On the need to continuously test and tweak your WebRTC service due to browser changes.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Koding- making it easy to collaboratively code (TokBox)
Eleanor Hermon explains how Koding is making use of TokBox and what advantages it has seen from adopting collaboration into its platform.

Ericsson suggests ‘connected digger’ technology for New Suez Canal projects (Daily News Egypt)
An Ericsson pet project turns into a real attempt at winning a customer. A redefinition of telework.


Google Hangouts: now simpler, faster, more beautiful (Google)
New release for Hangouts on Android with Material Design and speed optimizations.

AT&T Enhanced WebRTC API Has Now Launched (AT&T)
AT&T moves its WebRTC APIs out of beta and into GA.

Introducing Pre-Call Test: Stand up to spotty network conditions (TokBox)
TokBox now offers APIs (in beta) to estimate an upcoming call’s quality by pre-testing the network.

Digium launches Android and iOS SDKs for Respoke WebRTC platform (SD times)
Respoke adds official mobile SDKs to its WebRTC API platform.

New HTML5 Customer Experience, WebRTC recording (VeriShow)
A new release for VeriShow with notable WebRTC enhancements.

What’s Next for Reteailers? Introducing the LineNinja Video Chat Kiosk (LiveNinja)
LiveNinja introduces a new service for retailers for point of sale embedded devices.

Introducing: Our Reseller Functionality (Surfly)
Surfly now has the ability to work for resellers of its screen sharing service.

Talko + Slack (Talko)
Talko’s integration with slack is now official.

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