WebRTC Weekly Issue #78 - July 29, 2015

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


2015 WebRTC State-of-the-Market Report (WebRTC Stats)
Arnaud Budkiewicz shares some of the stats of the recent WebTorials report on WebRTC.

HEVC Advance casts shadow over future of WebRTC video (MojoLingo)
A simple explanation by Ben Klang on the new patent challenges brought by the HEVC Advance group to H.265.


How to support stereo in a WebRTC application (WebRTC Example)
Andrii Sergiienko explains how to set up WebRTC to receive audio in stereo properly.

How to test LibWebRTC (WebRTC by Dr Alex)
The good Dr explains how to go about preparing Google’s WebRTC package for isolated testing.

Selenium, Travis-CI and WebRTC == <& (&yet)
Fippo helps us all in getting continuous integration and test automation to work for our WebRTC testing.

Using Webtask.io for Secure API Tokens (Xander Dumaine)
Xander Dumaine creates secure connections on top of the Respoke platform without a server-side of his own.

Video conferencing with last-n (Atlassian)
Boris Grozev explains the differences between the MCU and SFU architectures for multiparty video.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

New Jersey town brings real-time multimedia to 911 calls (GCN)
Built by Avaya, this system connect citizens and dispatchers through a mobile web browser without the need of a special app.

Clementine is Joining Dropbox (Clementine)
They will be shutting down in the process. Classic acquihire.

1DocWay Receives $1.7 Million in Seed Funding (WebRTC Digest)
There are more and more healthcare startups using WebRTC. 1DocWay is the most recent one to gain funding.

Connections (Sinch)
A social platform called Connections that uses Sinch.


Initial release of WebRTC Network Limiter, a Chrome extension (discuss-webrtc)
Google releases an official Chrome extension enabling limiting IP address range that WebRTC will use.

forge better, faster, stronger: acision introduces forgeas (Acision)
Acision releases a Node.js framework for their platform, called forgeAS (forge Application Server).

NTT Communications Offers World’s 1st Speech-recognition API for Multiple Browsers at No Charge (Press release)
NTT Com is adding speech recognition to its SkyWay WebRTC-based API platform.

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