WebRTC Weekly Issue #77 - July 22, 2015

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Peer-to-Peer Web and WebRTC, What’s So Special About It? (Upperside)
Pundits share their opinion on the P2P aspect of WebRTC.


WebRTC by Dr Alex (WebRTC by Dr Alex)
Alex Gouaillard opened up a blog on WebRTC. Worthwhile your time if you are a developer.

Project 7: Story Time with AT&T Enhanced WebRTC (JeanCarl’s Adventures)
Using AT&T’s APIs to build a story time service for parents and their children.

How a Marketing Guy Won TADHack with ThirdEye (TADHack)
Chad Hart explains how he built his ThirdEye WebRTC hack for the TADHack event.

Wiresharking Wire (webrtcHacks)
Fippo analyzing what Wire does on the wire using Wireshark.

Setup TURN server for WebRTC on Ubuntu (Sojharo Mangi)
A step by step guide to installing and configuring TURN on an Ubuntu machine.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

WeirdRTC: YoPet keeps your pet from being lonely (MojoLingo)
MojoLingo tells the story of YoPet, a service Tim Panton first showed in our first Kranky Geek event.


KMS v6.0: Kurento going to production (Kurento)
Kurento just released their latest media server. Most notable enhancement in this version is support for Trickle ICE.

Drum’s ShareAnywhere introduces web based video communication (Drum)
Drum releases its web meeting service as a component that can be embedded in other websites.

Finally, something Daft Punk can be proud of (&yet)
Talky’s new beta is now their official GA version, with better multiparty video support and chat support.

IceLink Adds Support for Real-Time Data Streaming (PRWeb)
Frozen Mountain’s IceLink product now supports data channels.

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