WebRTC Weekly Issue #73 - June 24, 2015

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


The Directory Dilemma – Why Facebook, Google and Skype May Win the Mobile App War (CircleID)
Dan York analyses the current challenge in owning and maintaining directory services.

WebRTC is not a threat to traditional Telco’s (Drum)
Probably not, but startups and vendors who use it are…


W3C ORTC CG – Editors Draft Update (WebRTC.is)
A new ORTC draft has been published.

Chrome M44 WebRTC Release Notes (discuss-webrtc)
The new upcoming Chrome version – focus on stability and performance (as usual in recent releases).

The new Android M App Permissions (webrtcHacks)
Dag-Inge Aas explains the new permissions mechanism in Android M, with a focus on WebRTC related permissions.

SDP BUNDLE (WebRTC Standards)
An explanation on SDP BUNDLE (a method for bundling together multiple ICE candidates) and their current standardization state.

Introduction to WebRTC (O’Reilly Media)
A free WebRTC video training by Arin Sime.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Use Video Calling to Reduce Claim Management Costs Without Sacrificing Accuracy (SightCall)
Taylen Peterson explains the advantages of SightCall’s new offering targeted at visual support services.

WebRTC in the Financial Sector – An Interview with Leo Papadopoulos from Cloud9 Technologies (The New Dial Tone)
An interview with Cloud9 Technologies, who embed the WebRTC media engine into their PC app.

Looking for a Differentiator, Mi Punto MX Integrates Communications as a Feature (Respoke)
Mi Punto MX makes use of the Respoke platform for its point of sale service.

IoT and WebRTC – Enabling Connections Between Smart Devices (callstats.io)
Lasse Lumiaho shows a few use cases of IoT related to WebRTC. A bit of a stretch to call them IoT, but interesting use cases nonetheless.


Polycom Beefs Up Collaboration Suite (NoJitter)
Polycom joins the WebRTC ecosystem, introducing their RealPresence Web Suite.

Blackboard Collaborate: Simple video collaboration for teaching and learning (Blackboard)
Blackboard releases its WebRTC based collaboration product, probably based on its Requestec acquisition.

Online Meeting Service Join.me Expands To Video, Still No Download Required (TechCrunch)
LogMeIn’s Join.me service adds video chat support.

Video & Screen Sharing are Here (Speak)
Speak.io adds multiparty video and screen sharing capabilities.

QuickBlox releases iOS SDK 2.3: lots of Chat updates (QuickBlox)
It’s all there in the title.

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