WebRTC Weekly Issue #70 - June 3, 2015

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Custom WebRTC Urls? (The New Dial Tone)
Guest post by Aswath raises some interesting but tricky points.

WebRTC vs RCS? (Sinch)
Or there must be 50 ways to annoy Dean Bubley.


Chrome Experiments to Determine Realistic STUN Check Intervals (WebRTC Standards)
Ever thought about the complexity in knowing when a connection breaks and how to time it well in STUN check intervals? Dan and Amir got you covered.

WebRTC Update from Justin Uberti, WebTorrent talk by Feross Aboukhadijeh & John Hiesey (WebRTC.is)
Erik Lagerway sums up the recent meetup done on WebRTC at the sidelines of Google I/O.

Getting Started with WebRTC on iOS – and Android (appear.in)
appear.in opened a new tech blog. Their first two posts are on getting WebRTC to work for iOS and Android.

Custom Video Rendering (Perch)
Chris Eagleston with an analysis of the various video rendering options available for WebRTC video in iOS.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Hello Pizza: An Idea That Turns Pizza Orders Into English Lessons (Bm)
How about building a managed contact center that deals with Pizza orders AND teach language lessons? Here’s a proof of concept.

Streamium Decentralizes Streaming so Content Producers Get Paid Bitcoins in Real Time (cryptocoins)
A new service that marries live streaming, open source, WebRTC and Bitcoin.


Wire introduces an Android version (Wire)
OK, now what?

Don’t Hang Me Up! (Talko)
Talko explains the nuances they have in hanging up a call in a non-synchronous voice user experience. Nice to see how people are rethinking and re-architecting the simple voice call into something new.

Introducing the OpenTok Debugger Tool (TokBox)
TokBox shows their debugger tool, making it easier for developers to troubleshoot issues in production.

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