WebRTC Weekly Issue #7 - March 19, 2014

Here’s the latest news this week on WebRTC from your friends at webrtcweekly.com


10 Things you Need to Know About the Future of WebRTC (webrtcworld.com)
A good list of where we’re headed with WebRTC, and what you need to make of WebRTC.

Augmenting the Web: Open your AR  to Billions of Browsers (kickstarter.com)
BuildAR is looking to improve their AR stack that happen to use WebRTC and they are partially funding it via Kickstarter.

WebRTC at Enterprise Connect Orlando 2014 (nojitter.com)
Eric Krapf summaries where WebRTC is at this year’s Enterprise Connect show (hint: everywhere and nowhere at the same time)

Local IP Discovery With HTML5 WebRTC (hacking.ventures)
A good explanantion on the security risks WebRTC poses by opening up intranet network topologies.


WebRTC Video as a Service (blog.quicki.me)
An example of the thought processed behind selecting a WebRTC API Platform to work with.

Enable WebRTC Debug in Chrome (voipnotes.wordpress.com)
Some command line options to assist in debugging WebRTC in Chrome browser.

Using Augmented Reality with WebRTC and Canvas (vmlab.it)
The title says it all…

Use Cases and Customer Wins

HTML5 Video Chat Using WebRTC (redcherry.ca)
A web design company doing a video calling service for a healthcare use case.

Wearwolves.IO – WebRTC Based Multiplayyer Game (daemon.co.za)
Multiplayer game using WebRTC’s data channel and voice capbilities, built in as a Hackathon project.

Discussing WebRTC with Svein Willassen, CTO of appear.in (webrtcworld.com)
Appear.in is just another video calling service for WebRTC, but somehow it is gaining popularity. This interview gives a glimpse to what they do backstage.


Acano connects everyone (acano.com)
Lync, H.265, VP9, WebRTC – they do it all. A lot at Enterprise Connect showcased similar capabilities – especially if their offering was cloud and software based.

Introducing Twilio Client’s Global Low Latency (twilio.com)
Twilio introduced a new capability, where WebRTC is routed to their system via the closest data center to reduce latencies.

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