WebRTC Weekly Issue #69 - May 27, 2015

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


IBM Bluemix and WebRTC (ibm.com)
IBM made quite a show at the recent Twilio SIGNAL event adding to the WebRTC wave.

Twilio SIGNAL summary (nojitter.com)
Michelle Burbick did a great job of summing up all the announcements by Twilio at last weeks SIGNAL event, it was WebRTC non-stop.

WebRTC talking heads (thenewdialtone.com)
Amir is on the verge of having his own Kranky moment as he discusses some of his recent WebRTC finds.

Voice: Breaking free from telecoms (visionmobile.com)
Traditional voice may be declining, but it’s increasing in other areas.

We need more acolytes to promote WebRTC (disruptivewireless.com)
Dean Bubley, fresh from a tour around the world, also has some fresh perspectives to share.


Speaker notes on WebRTC Data Channel (feross.org)
The NSA is still looking for him, but we found him.

Web Collab using BitTorrent & WebRTC (webtorrent.io)
Client-server is dead, pass it on. Feross and his dark magic team has built a simple & deceiving demo of “web collaboration” using a combination of BitTorrent and WebRTC. Wow!

fippo aka Philipp Hancke (youtube.com)
Recorded video taken at techtalk at Tokbox last week with guest speaker &yet’s master of all things WebRTC, definitely worth a view!

WebRTC releases notes from Firefox 40 (mozilla.com)

DTLS re-negotiation and how to avoid (webrtcstandards.info)
Dan and Amir discuss how to avoid this tricky issue.

WebRTC with Parse & PubNub (parse.com)
Quickly create a rapid video and chat application using these two favorites.

WebRTC with WebKit (webrtchacks.com)
Chad Hart asking some tough questions about whether it makes sense to embed WebRTC into WebKit to the folks in favor of making that happen.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

WebRTC in the real world (bloggeek.me)
Slideshare from Tsahi on updates with WebRTC.

SME not sure about UC, but like WebRTC (theucbuyer.com)
SME’s ready to talk via their browser? Indeed.


Masergy announces UC using WebRTC (masergy.com)
Masergy runs a large backhault network and what better to haul than WebRTC.

Yodlr adds voice integration for HipChat (yodlr.com)
Call out to Ross @ Yodlr as they progress their audio application.

Appear.in adds chat and releases an Android app (appear.in)
A busy week for popular appear.in as they continue to expand their free service offering.

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