WebRTC Weekly Issue #65 - April 29, 2015

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Is WebRTC in Your Facebook Future? (UC Strategies)
Phil Edholm analyzes the latest news on Facebook’s video chat capabilities from the prism of the enterprise.

WebRTC business models and the Indian market (Miljul)
While I only half agree with it, this is a good read. Would be nice to see more of it on other countries.

WebRTC Global Summit Summary: The WebRTC Dichotomy (Alan Quayle)
Alan Quayle summarizes WebRTC Global Summit in London earlier this month.


What’s up with WhatsApp and WebRTC? (webrtcHacks)
Another detailed analysis by Fippo. This time breaking down Whatsapp’s new voice calling service. Also check out his recent presentation at FluetConf.

Kurento Media Server: An Interview with Dr. Lopez (Upperside)
An interview regarding the Kurento Media Server. A timely one, considering the acquisition of Jitsi.

WebRTC Needs Browser Push Notification (The New Dial Tone)
Dan and Amir explain the work done in the IETF to promote a browser push notification capability.

WebRTC Security (Altanai Telecom)
Altanai analyzes the security model used by WebRTC.

Chrome M43 WebRTC Release Notes (discuss-webrtc)
Boring, but important. Serge tells the story much better in person.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Google Helpouts wasn’t helping (TokBox)
Melih Onvural analyzes the reasons for Google Helpouts demise (it is all about niches)

Introducing Video Calling in Messenger (Facebook)
The Facebook web app for Messenger is WebRTC based. Care to guess about their mobile app?


New Release: OpenTok Android and iOS SDKs 2.5, OpenTok.js 2.5 (TokBox)
OpenTok’s new mobile SDKs starts using video hardware acceleration where available.

First (pre-)release – OpenWebRTC 0.3.0 (OpenWebRTC)
We are getting to the point of having two solid open source WebRTC stacks to choose from.

uProxy alpha release (Google Plus)
This interesting project privacy/anonymity project is progressing nicely. Now in alpha.

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Asia ConferenceChris Koehncke (chriskranky.com) will be moderating & attending this 2nd annual WebRTC event  starting 28. April in Singapore and 30. April in Hong Kong.