WebRTC Weekly Issue #64 - April 22, 2015

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Everyone will pay attention to WebRTC… When Apple does (Drum)
Laurence Chandler tries to analyze how Apple will end up using WebRTC.

Back from the WebRTC and Kranky Geek conferences (Matrix)
Oddvar Lovaas about Matrix’ sessions in London last week.

Atlassian Acquires Jitsi: what it means (Medium)
Chad Hart explains the Jitsi acquisition, the technology and what it means to the WebRTC ecosystem.


Introducing https://test.webrtc.org (Google Plus)
Google offers a new open source sleek tool to assist with debugging and analysis.

The WebRTC Troubleshooter: test.webrtc.org (webrtcHacks)
Googlers speak on their troubleshooter project.

NETVC: A New WebRTC Video Codec Coming to Life (The New Dial Tone)
Amir Zmora shares the news of the IETF’s initiative to launch a royalty free video codec.

WebRTC Testing Description and Call For Participation (IMTC)
If you focus on WebRTC and SIP interoperability, then this might be the event you were looking for.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

HipChat acquires Blue Jimp & Jitsi.org (HipChat)
Atlassian decided to build its own infrastructure and use Jitsi as the basis in order to replace AddLive, which it used before.

Telstra Launches FHIR-Powered Telehealth Solution with WebRTC (PulseIT)
A home telehealth platform based on WebRTC.

Why WebRTC Will Drive the Next Billion Dollar Company (TokBox)
Scott Lomond on the business opportunities WebRTC brings with it – and a nice set of use cases from TokBox’ customer base.

TADHack mini London Review (TADHack)
Parts one, two and three.


Rabbit is now Available for Safari (Rabbit)
Another vendor making good use of Temasys’ free WebRTC plugin.

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Asia ConferenceChris Koehncke (chriskranky.com) will be moderating & attending this 2nd annual WebRTC event  starting 28. April in Singapore and 30. April in Hong Kong.