WebRTC Weekly Issue #63 - April 15, 2015

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Die SIP Die (Talking Pointz)
I’ll just leave it here for you.

And the WebRTC Platform of the Year Award goes to… Chrome! (&yet)
We couldn’t agree more.

Adding Communications to Context (NoJitter)
Chris Vitek nails it – we’ve been doing it all wrong with communications and context.

The Impact of WebRTC on UC (Upperside)
An opinion roundup on how WebRTC will influence the Unified Communications market.

Will more network/IT vendors launch their own WebRTC PaaS? (Disruptive Analysis)
Dean Bubley on the recent entrants to the WebRTC PaaS space and who might be next in line.

How Temasys Solves The WebRTC Browser Interop Challenge (Rich Tehrani)
An interview with Chip Wilcox, Temasys CEO about their plugins and other solutions.

Interesting Times in VoIP and RTC Comms (VoIPWatch)
Andy Abramson sees the changes that WebRTC is bringing into the market.


WebRTC Standards Update #3: Notes from IETF 92 (The New Dial Tone)
Dan Burnett with a shopping list of the topics from the recent IETF 92 meeting related to WebRTC.

User Media Access Permissions and Privacy in WebRTC (The New Dial Tone)
Dan Burnett reviews the changes proposed (and dropped) around permissions to access camera and microphone.

Put in a Bug in Apple’s Apple (webrtcHacks)
Alex Gouaillard crowd sources developer complains around missing WebRTC in iOS.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Facebook’s Messenger uses WebRTC (Messenger)
The largest social network adds WebRTC voice and video calling right from the browser – using WebRTC.

Messenger Adding WebRTC Is Big News (VoIPWatch)
Andy Abramson leans in on the news about Facaebook adding WebRTC support to Messenger.

#vuc536 – Comcast WebRTC Share (IP Communications & VoIP Community)
VUC’s weekly conference with Comcast Share service, based on WebRTC.

FACEmeeting Adds In and Out Calling Capabilities with the AT&T Enhanced WebRTC API (AT&T)
FACEmeeting, who have been around for awhile, is trialing AT&T’s APIs for its service.

NetFortris targets mid-sized enterprise with WebRTC-based UC platform (FierceEnterpriseCommunications)
Cloud based UC system based on WebRTC. Expect more to come.

OpenWebRTC – not just for video chat (Slideshare)
Ericsson continues with their excavation demos that use WebRTC for remote controlling big machinery.

Quanta, Celeno and Imagination partner to provide the first WebRTC-enabled total VP8+H.264 IP camera solution (Press release)
Hardware video encoding/decoding coupled with the whole WebRTC stack on top.


Announcing Video (Twilio)
Twilio adds WebRTC video support.

Talko v2: Messaging, calling and conferencing — all in one (Tap the Mic)
Talko releases a new version with UX improvements and Slack integration.

The extra mile for your privacy: new off-the-record meetings (Veeting)
Veeting adds data channel support to make their text conversation and file sharing even more private.

Sinch Announcing Push Notifications (Sinch)
SMS, Voice, Video and a dash of messaging. Sinch now adds push notifications as well.

Android Console 0.3.0 (Matrix)
Matrix releases their new Android version. Now with Material Design.

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