WebRTC Weekly Issue #59 - March 18, 2015

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.



Which use cases for WebRTC will dominate in 2015? (Upperside Conferences)
A look of a few pundits on what will be the leading use cases of WebRTC in 2015.

HighFive raises more money (Tech Crunch)
Low cost video conferencing platform using your Best Buy LCD TV. They have a PC client, but is it WebRTC? Not sure, but should be.


Doopler Effect (Daniel Rapp)
This is WebRTC’ish (using GetMedia API) nonetheless, it’s damn cool and sure to impress your friends.

The Alure of WebRTC for Mobile Developers (bloggeek.me)
Hot off the press, Tsahi’s presentation from this week Enterprise Connect in Orlando. Yeeehaw!

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Kranky-GeekBefore we begin, we have partnered with Informa for our Kranky Geek WebRTC event. We will be happy to see you as one of our guests (or speakers) there.  Register online.

Researchers using WebRTC (Gruveo.com)
The price is right for WebRTC .. free and this hasn’t fail to attract University interest.

Switch.co User Case (Switch.co)
Customer applications are often too commercial, but this one is a decent read (try to ignore Craig Walker flag waving in the background).

OpenWebRTC (Ericsson)
You may have seen this at some trade events, but interesting construction application using WebRTC.


Matrix releases more Matrix for Android/IOS (Matrix.org)
Matthew continues to roll Matrix forward. You have to like his enthusiasm and energy

Life Size Call Me Make over (lifesize.com)
A video conferencing company using WebRTC, say it ain’t so, but it is, with this new release, check it out.

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