WebRTC Weekly Issue #541 - June 19, 2024

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


WhatsApp adds new features to the calling experience, including support for 32-person video calls (TechCrunch)
Title says it all.


Showcase your WebRTC services (sponsored)
Gain exposure to ppl interested in WebRTC, where open rate is higher than 30%

Testing iOS and iPadOS Network Conditions Using Network Link Conditioner (WebRTC.ventures)
Bookmark to when you need it.

Add Realtime 3D Avatars to Agora Live Video Streams (Agora)
A nice implementation.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

BBC invests in 3D streaming startup behind broadcaster’s immersive live gigs (TheNextWeb)
Not necessarily based on WebRTC, but interesting nonetheless.

Telnyx WebRTC vs. Twilio WebRTC (Telnyx)
Didn’t have a comparison post in quite some time.


None this week.

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