WebRTC Weekly Issue #54 - February 11, 2015

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

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Is Facebook silently launching WebRTC? (LinkedIn)
Arnaud Budkiewicz, a WebRTC advocate, uncovers a quiet launch by Facebook.

Google’s Genius Bar using WebRTC (the verge)
Not surprising, the adaption of Google Hangouts uses WebRTC but in a slightly different manner.

Amuse WebRTC Robot Race (youtube)
From the recent WebRTC conference in Japan, an amusing short video on WebRTC powered robots racing about.


Google moves WebRTC source to GitHub (google.com)
In an effort to make WebRTC more accessible for open source contributions, Google explains it’s move to GitHub.

WebRTC on mobile (algoworks)
A nice article detailing the potential paths for enabling WebRTC on your mobile application.

Nojitter.com looks at the availability of H.264 (nojitter.com)
Maybe it’s not as available as we thought.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Heading to Mobile World Congress? (MWC)
If you’re visiting Barcelona, be sure and check-up this meetup group assembling during this monster event.

Connecting WebRTC & IOT (thenewdialtone.com)
An interview by our friend, Amir Zmora, of the new start-up waylay.io

Some fun examples using OpenTok (simpleweb.co.uk)
A challenge to developers and some fun demonstrations as everyone thought creatively.


Intel and it’s WebRTC executable (Intel)
More on what Intel is doing and offering on WebRTC (Tsahi will have a detail interview in the coming weeks).

Sightcall makes it easy to store videos on S3 (sightcall)
Sightcall, a WebRTC service providers, details how you can easily store WebRTC video sessions on Amazon S3.

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