WebRTC Weekly Issue #530 - April 3, 2024

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Introducing Phenix’s Real Time Server-Side Ad Insertion – SSAI (Phenix)
A short overview on adding ads to a live WebRTC broadcast.


A detailed Twilio Video to Amazon Chime SDK Migration Guide for Telehealth and EdTech Solutions. (sponsored)
If the Amazon Chime SDK is on your short list for a new video provider, this guide is for you.

A journey on Video Streams and Bytes (WebRTC For Developers)
Olivier experimenting with sending live video over data channels.

Jitsi + Moodle, with a dash of JaaS (Jitsi)
Connecting Jitsi to Moodle using a new plugin.

Peer metrics is going open source (Peer metrics)
WebRTC monitoring now available also as open source.

Just Curious about WebRTC… (Denil Gabani)
Interesting to see how first-time WebRTC developers explain it.

The Complete Guide to Low Latency in Live Streaming (Dolby.io)
Low latency from a live streaming point of view (WebRTC vs others).

Use Cases and Customer Wins

PiCockpit: Innovative Web Solution for Managing Multiple Raspberry Pis (ChineseWire)
Using WebRTC to remotely manage Raspberry Pi.


None this week.

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