WebRTC Weekly Issue #511 - November 22, 2023

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Nothing interesting this week.


Become a WebRTC expert (sponsored):
Learn WebRTC to launch your product successfully to the market.

The modern-day Babel Fish: AI-powered live translation of video calls (Daily)
Live translation in video calls on a CPaaS platform.

Implementing Agent Routing in Web Applications (WebRTC.ventures)
I like the elegant use of PubNub here.

The Importance of WebRTC Testing (Digital Samba)
A nice overview of what is needed.

The Importance of WebRTC Monitoring for Business (Cyara)
A look at the need for monitoring WebRTC applications (and what it means).

Use Cases and Customer Wins

How Real-Time Engagement is Transforming Faith-Tech (Agora)
I’ve had a few conversations like this, but this is the first time I see anyone writing about it online.

Assimilate Scratch Integrates NDI for Real-Time Streaming of Video Content To Any App (Press release)
Another example of video editing in the cloud with the help of WebRTC.


None this week.

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