WebRTC Weekly Issue #510 - November 15, 2023

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Omegle, the Site That Paired Strangers for Video Chats, Is Dead (404 Media)
Pairing strangers is a challenging way to make money.


WebRTC tech is cool, but even the most advanced application is a failure if it isn’t seamless and intuitive (sponsored):
Contact the experts at WebRTC.ventures to optimize your live video app’s UI.

Building the Best Camera & Microphone Selector (AddPipe)

How to Implement Partial Screenshare (DEV – Kofi Mupati)
Hint: Insertable Streams.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

WhatsApp launches a new Discord-like voice chat feature for large groups (TechCrunch)
So now for voice, we’re following Discord and not Clubhouse.


mediasoup 3.13.0 released with FlatBuffers and more (mediasoup)
JSON is out FlatBuffers are in for internal comms of mediasoup.

OBS Studio 30.0 Released With Intel QSV AV1 On Linux, WHIP/WebRTC Output (Phoronix)
WHIP support as well as AV1 on Linux – in a stable OBS release.

Whereby Browser SDK V2 With React Hooks Now in Public Beta (Whereby)
Going the React way for their client SDK.

Element X; now with embedded VoIP (Element)
The new Element X client comes with built-in WebRTC support (LiveKit on server side).

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