WebRTC Weekly Issue #51 - January 21, 2015

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

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What if WebRTC didn’t do telecom? (NextBlitz)
Galeal Zino poses some interesting “what if” questions about WebRTC and its original charter.

WebRTC, Web 3.0 & Telephony’s Last Chance (NoJitter)
Chad Hart takes a look at the broader picture of the web, telecom and WebRTC.


The Tao of Ops: TURN for WebRTC (&yet)
Philipp Hancke on the challenges of running TURN in production.

Roadmap for 2015 (OpenWebRTC)
The OpenWebRTC project shows its intentions for 2015. An interesting mix of features.

Rabbit goes troubleshooting (Rabbit)
Not exactly technical, but nice to see this series of posts about troubleshooting user experience with WebRTC(these are 3 separate posts).

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Be My Eyes app harnesses volunteers to help sight-impaired people (GigaOm)
When you reduce the barrier of entry for a technology, you get this kind of use cases that were never possible before.

Be My Eyes, My Brain, My Second Pair of Eyes… (Christian Heilmann)
Christian Heilmann writes his thoughts on Be My Eyes, along with a list of many other potential use cases around that same block.

Announcing Ito, the Communication Assistant for Slack (Tropo)
Tropo launches Ito, a bot for Slack that can be used to make calls using WebRTC.

Facebook Video Calls On Chromebook Don’t Require Plugins Anymore (Ubergizmo)
We’ve been on and off these rumors on Facebook and WebRTC. It seems they are now officially using it.

I Tried Switch.co (UCStrategies)
Martin Steinmann gives his (positive) impression of Switch.co.


An Internet of Faces – Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC v2.0 (Intel)
Intel released their updated set of services for WebRTC, focused on backend capabilities.

3CX Phone System 12.5 Leverages WebRTC Technology for Website Click-to-Call & Video Calling (3CX)
3CX has a new version of its phone system, which offers vanity URLs and website click-to-call capabilities for the enterprise.

Mobicents Media Server now supports WebRTC (TeleStax)
TeleStax releases a new version of its media server.

OpenWebRTC now supports hardware H.264 video on iOS (OpenWebRTC)
Now both encoding and decoding of H.264 is done on hardware when the iOS device allows it.

Get videochat on your blog or website in 5 minutes (appear.in)
appear.in now enables embedding its service into 3rd party websites.

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