WebRTC Weekly Issue #5 - March 5, 2014

Here’s the latest news this week on WebRTC from your friends at webrtcweekly.com


WebRTC & the Rise of the WebCo (lightreading.com)
An short interview with Dialogic on the relevance of WebRTC to service providers.

Moving WebRTC Into Your Network Through the Front Door (blog.audiocodes.com)
A comparison between different options of adding WebRTC into an existing contact center deployment.

An SBC is not required for a WebRTC Gateway (dialogic.com)Here’s another view on how to integrate WebRTC into an existing contact center – sans SBC.

Why WebRTC is key to unlocking mass adoption of video collaboration (community.polycom.com)
The interesting thing here isn’t the content of this post, but rather the fact the Polycom are discussing it openly. I would have taken it further than what they suggest, but I am known for being unconventional.


WebRTC – Current state of afairs (kenneththorman.blogspot.co.il)
On the headaches of WebRTC’s availability in different platforms – both desktop and mobile.

Using GoInstant’s WebRTC for Salesforce (developerforce.com)
A quick explanantion on how to integrate GoInstant video calling into Salesforce’s platform.

When should you use WebRTC’s Data Channel? (agilityfeat.com)
Some sound advice on when to use (or skip) the data channel in a service being developed.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

CamioCam Turns Any Web Or Video Camera Into A Smart, Cloud-Based Monitoring Device (techcrunch.com)
I have been asked more than once if there’s room for WebRTC in surveilance. Didn’t have a good answer, but now I have a real company who is adopting WebRTC for just that.


Centile selects Weemo for UC in Europe (weemo.com)
Weemo offers an API platform, and Centile, a European UC vendor adopted it in order to add WebRTC support to its offering.

New OpenTok Android SDK (tokbox.com)
New beta with more flexiblity, bringing it closer to parity with TokBox’s desktop offering.

Speek Raises $5.1 Million Series A To Replace Outdated Conference Calling Solutions (techcrunch.com)
This is one of a few Series A rounds that I am seeing that goes into the hands of startups that use WebRTC. I beleive more will follow soon.

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