WebRTC Weekly Issue #494 - July 26, 2023

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


RTC.On Conference is looking for speakers (RTC.ON)
A multimedia & webRTC-focused conference in Kraków, Poland organized by Software Mansion. They’re looking for speakers – check it out.


Even the most advanced application is a failure if it isn’t seamless and intuitive. (sponsored):
Contact the experts at WebRTC.ventures to optimize your live video app’s UI.

Using Flutter for cross-platform video application development (Daily)
Daily building a case for the use of Flutter in WebRTC apps.

10 Years of webrtcHacks – merch and stats (webrtcHacks)

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Google is experimenting with AI-generated background on Meet (TechCrunch)
The best use of generative AI in WebRTC based services?

Introducing Interactive Live Streaming For Dummies, Daily Special Edition (Daily)
Daily has a new book that is worth reading.


Introducing the Jitsi Meet React Native SDK (Jitsi)
Enabling the use of Jitsi Meet in React Native apps.

Introducing LiveSwitch Server-Side Simulcast to Enhance Video Quality (LiveSwitch)
Interesting. Letting the server generate multiple streams as needed.

Server Release 11.0.0 (Red5 Pro)
Now with WHIP and WHEP support.

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None this week.