WebRTC Weekly Issue #47 - December 24, 2014

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

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Summary of WebRTC Paris (Alan Quayle)
“Compared to the US events it shows Europe is as, if not more innovative than North America, has a lot less hype, and is definitely more focused on the practical realities of implementation.”

WebRTC Conference 2014 In Review (The New Dial Tone)
Amir Zmora with his own summary of the Paris event last week.

Things We Talked About at WebRTC 2014 (Upperside)
A bit about the survey done during the Paris event.

Why Cisco’s Project Squared Requires Firefox (NoJitter)
Dave Michels on the versatility of Firefox versus Chrome when it comes to WebRTC.


WebRTC for the Web (&yet)
Adam Brault wants us all to join in the effort of making WebRTC simpler to use.

WebRTC and Standardization – An Interview with Our Man in the W3C, Dan Burnett (Aspect)
Tobias Goebel interviews Dan Burnett on the current state of standardization of WebRTC.

ORTC Library – Introduction (WebRTC.is)
A slide deck explaining what ORTC really is.

The WebRTC Mobile Challenge (The New Dial Tone)
Amir Zmora outlines the options developers have when going mobile with WebRTC.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

The WebRTCfest 2014 Finalists Are “Cult answer machine”, “I see you!”, “Smart Assistance”, Togetheroo, And “Video Party” (WebRTC Fest)
Some interesting use cases coming out of the WebRTC Fest event.

ConceptBoard: The Future of Remote Working Tools (TokBox)
Conceptboard is a collaboration platform that recently added video chat using TokBox.


Brekeke Announces Addition of WebRTC Support to Brekeke PBX (MarketWired)
Another SIP PBX adds WebRTC support.

appear.in integration for Slack (appear.in)
This integration by appear.in is an interesting one.

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