WebRTC Weekly Issue #466 - January 18, 2023

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


The Future of WebRTC … According to ChatGPT (WebRTC.ventures)
An interesting read. I am not sure I’d go to the same conclusions in 2023.


WebRTC 109 Release notes (discuss-webrtc)
Missed this one last week…

coturn: No Time to Die – Q&A with new project leads (webrtcHacks)
Always good to understand how open source (and commercial projects) work and think.

WebRTC API Landscape in 2023 (WebRTC for Developers)
The API surface of WebRTC is huge.

Scalable Video Coding for WebRTC (Wowza)
A nice explanation about SVC.

What is Internet Bandwidth? Meaning and Measurement (Agora)
Agora continues in their “what is” metrics post series.

Connecting to a Janus Media Server Using Janode (WebRTC.ventures)
Node.js adapter for Janus.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Brave browser’s new Snowflake feature help bypass Tor blocks (BleepingComputer)
So… WebRTC ruins privacy or enables it?

DRM with castLabs and WebRTC (Red5 Pro)
Red5 Pro partners with castLabs to offer DRM n WebRTC to those who need it.

How Wellnite is Powering a Mental Health Revolution with Whereby (Whereby)
HIPAA compliancy using a lowcode offering.


106.0.2 (react-native-webrtc)
Bug fixes release for react-native-webrtc.

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