WebRTC Weekly Issue #46 - December 17, 2014

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

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Mozilla and Telenor Announce WebRTC Competency Center to Advance WebRTC and Help Standardization (Mozilla)
The goal of this is to improve the Mozilla WebRTC stack.

WebRTC and the Web we want (&yet)
They should send him a shirt his size.

Infographic – Understanding WebRTC (Unify)
I am not a fan of Infographics, but this one is nicely done.

With WebRTC, the Skype’s no longer the limit (Reuters)
The obligatory WebRTC 101 article.


Learnings and challenges when running WebRTC on mobile devices (Talko)
Richard Speyer explains the reasons behind selecting WebRTC for Talko and what they had to do to get it to work in a mobile app.

Set Phasers to STUN/TURN: Getting Started with WebRTC using Node.js, Socket.io and Twilio’s NAT Traversal Service (Twilio)
Phil Nash intros the use of Twilio’s NTS, and along the way builds a simple video chat service.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Google and Avaya to bring Chromebooks and WebRTC to call centers (PC World)
This is a popular use case: replace agent’s software or hardware phones with WebRTC running in a browser.

Apizee and AMA offer professionals a comprehensive remote diagnostics and interactive training solution using Google Glass (Apizee)
apizee partners with AMA for Glass related use cases.


Chrome M40 WebRTC Release Notes (discuss-webrtc)
Most notable? iOS 64 bit support, G.722 support and VP8 decoder hardware acceleration support.

Meshcentral – WebRTC data stack for native applications (Intel)
Intel released a WebRTC microstack, dedicated to those who wish to use WebRTC as a signaling/control protocol inside native, embedded applications.

WebRTC Connectivity Solution with Focus on Quality and Scale (AudioCodes)
Amir Zmora explains AudioCode’s approach to integrating WebRTC into the enterprise, using both SBC and IP Phone components.

Doctor On Demand Gets A Facelift, Adds Psychologists And Lactation Experts (TechCrunch)
I wonder if they are still using AddLive.

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