WebRTC Weekly Issue #450 - September 28, 2022

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Hybrid meetings plagued by echo & feedback? (sponsored):
Make your video-conferencing product instantly better with new WebRTC patent-pending technology. Up for sale!

Cloudflare Calls & Cloudflare Stream (Cloudflare)
Cloudflare joins the fray of video API vendors with a cloud SFU and live streaming services, based on WebRTC.

The WebRTC Story – Part I (WebRTC for Developers)
A nice overview of the history of VoIP communications.


Work with the best in WebRTC! (sponsored):
WebRTC.ventures is seeking additional talent to join their expert development team.

PSA: getStats only exposes codecs currently in use in M108 (discuss-webrtc)
Google is on a roll of house cleaning statistics in WebRTC.

Announcing Third Room Tech Preview 1 (Matrix)
Matrix does metaverse.

WebRTC Simulcast: What It Is and How It Works (Wowza)
An overview of simulcast from a point of view of a streaming platform.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Understanding the intricacies of Video API Pricing across CPaaS providers: Selecting the Most Affordable CPaaS Provider (EnableX)
Pricing of video APIs is… complicated.


Enhanced noise suppression in Jitsi Meet (Jitsi)
Jitsi Meet adds noise suppresion based on RNNoise.

Increase viewer engagement, subscribers, and views of your live stream with the transformative Interactive Live Streaming (SignalWire)
Did we say interactive live streaming is becoming table stakes in CPaaS?

OpenVidu 2.23.0 (OpenVidu)
Documentation and new UI features.

6.18.0 (Kurento)
Getting ready for version 7.0.

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