WebRTC Weekly Issue #45 - December 10, 2014

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

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Understanding More About The Web Communications Platform Respoke (apievangelist.com)
Kin Lane with a detailed analysis on Respoke as an API provider.

WebRTC Fest – The Modern Day Von Interop (andyabramson.blogs.com)
Andy Abramson shares his view about the latest WebRTC Fest initiative.


The First Vendor-Independent WebRTC Coding Fest Ever SPONSORED
Looking for a Hackathon? Try our WebRTC Fest – it is vendor independent and taking place during December.

WebRTC standardization is more than codecs – Q&A with Dan Burnett (webrtchacks.com)
Dan Burnett explains the future plans of W3C and IETF for WebRTC.

Keep It Modular (medium.com)
Ever wondered how mobile apps that use WebRTC are built? Here’s a glimpse of how it is done at Talko.

HTML5 Video and the End of Plugins (blog.zencoder.com)
Our weekly intro to developing a WebRTC use case. This time, by Brightcove.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Whats the latest on Microsoft, Lync, Skype and WebRTC / ORTC / Plugin-less Brower Voice and Video (tomtalks.uk)
A good explanation of Lync’s web integration and how it may evolve.

Video – Rapid Disaster Response using CRM, WebRTC, and Unified Communication (netfore.com)
Combining WebRTC, GIS, CRM, UC and voice recognition together in a single use case.


Chrome M39 WebRTC Release Notes (groups.google.com)
NAT traversal and audio improvements rule this release.

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