WebRTC Weekly Issue #445 - August 24, 2022

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


GeForce Now on Chrome is getting a big upgrade to 1440p and 120fps (The Verge)
Quite the achievement.


Motion vs detail (WebRTC Fiddle of the Month)
An explanation of video content hints and how they affect compression.

WebRTC M105 Release Notes (discuss-webrtc)
Seems like Google is now opting for an almost automated process in the creation of the release notes.

Why Multi-Region Resiliency is Important? (Dyte)
One wonders if this means rooms for Dyte are always located in a specific server or can these spread (and be cascaded) across servers and regions.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

New video conferencing features that improve how you work together (RingCentral)
RingCentral doubles down on video meetings user experience (including noise suppression and improved Picture in picture).

Venue raises $4M from Accel and the CEOs of Slack, Remote and Squarespace to give teamwide video meetings a new breath of life (TechCrunch)
Going after niche use cases in corporate remote meetings.

Cameo now lets you have 10-minute calls with celebs (TechCrunch)
Fans calls.


Azure Communication Services support for Teams users now Generally Available (Microsoft Tech Community)
Microsoft with its most strategic feature yet in its ACS platform – connectivity to Teams – now in GA.

Chime SDK Now Makes it Easier and Faster to Add Live Streaming for Mobile and Web Apps (AWS Blog)
Chime SDK can now connect sessions to RTMP.

Introducing Noise Cancellation: Power High Quality Experiences with Twilio Video (Twilio)
Twilio partners with Krisp.ai for better noise cancellation.

Daily + CometChat: Integrate rich video, voice, and chat in minutes (Daily)
Daily partners with CometChat for better chat.

HammerRTC for Amazon Connect Now Available (Press release)
A new Amazon Connect testing service.

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