WebRTC Weekly Issue #439 - July 13, 2022

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Managing Virtual Events Using Fan Walls (LiveSwitch)
Fam walls seem to have value to some extend post pandemic as well.


Calculating True End-to-End RTT (webrtcHacks)
An interesting attempt at calculating RTT for a group call.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

How Virtual Reality Medical Training is Improving Healthcare (Red5 Pro)
Healthcare is one of the main places where VR is truly useful today.

Field Service Management using Live Video (EnableX)
A look at remote visual assistance solutions.


New beta: VCS — Build dynamic graphics and layouts for live streams and recordings (Daily)
Build your own StreamYard.

Add Exciting Custom Filters to Video Calls with Dyte Video SDK 2.0 (Dyte)
Decided not to use Insertable Streams so they can support Firefox.

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