WebRTC Weekly Issue #43 - November 26, 2014

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

I wanted to bring to your attention another project – the WebRTC Index. You can get your company added and featured.


The Eternal WebRTC Video Codec Debate – Consensus Finally (tokbox.com)
Badri details how the latest decision in the IETF affects different devices and market players.

The WebRTC MTI Video Codec Doesn’t Really Matter (thenewdialtone.com)
Amir Zmora explains the latest compromise at the IETF around the MTI video codec in WebRTC.

WebRTC Video Harmony at Last? (nojitter.com)
Irwin Lazar takes a look at the open issues still left by the MTI video decision.

Are WebRTC & Other Software Tools Your Destiny? (nojitter.com)
Eric Krapf joins in the recent debate about the hype and realities around WebRTC.


Hello there VP9. We’ve been waiting for you (but you’re already making trouble) (blog.andyet.com)
Philipp Hancke with his first impressions of VP9 inside Chrome.

Will WebRTC Replace SIP? (nojitter.com)
An interesting question, but probably not the best one to ask.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Firefox and Cisco’s Project Squared (andreasgal.com)
Andreas Gal gives us a glimpse of the kind of relationship Mozilla now has with Cisco.

How Possible uses WebRTC to connect an international team (blog.switch.co)
An interesting story of how WebRTC can become a sticky service.

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Introducing Network Traversal Service (twilio.com)
Twilio adds pure NAT Traversal service to WebRTC developers.

Bowser 0.2.2 released (openwebrtc.io)
The best news? H.264 Decoding on iOS now uses the hardware accelerator when possible.

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