WebRTC Weekly Issue #426 - April 13, 2022

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Nothing caught our eye this week.


The State of WebRTC Browser Support (sponsored):
Tune into the April 20 episode of WebRTC Live, the popular webinar series by WebRTC.ventures.

Exploiting CVE-2022-0778, a bug in OpenSSL vis-à-vis WebRTC platforms (Communication Breakdown)
Go upgrade OpenSSL in your media servers.

The WebRTC Bitcode Soap Opera (webrtcHacks)
Adventures with WebRTC on iOS.

ICE restarts (WebRTC Fiddle of the Month)
How to know if an ICE restart procedure completed successfully.

How and why Daily is using Rust for our WebRTC APIs (Daily)
A look at the reasons that Daily decided to pick Rust for cross platform development with WebRTC.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Thrio and Subspace Collaboration Delivers Enhanced Customer, Agent Experiences (Press release)
Better TURN servers and media routing for contact centers.

How Kumospace built a platform for meaningful connection (Daily)
Seems like we have such a vendor on a weekly basis now. I like to think of them as Ultima 3 video meetings.

Introducing Hybrid Spaces: Teleport around the office (Tandem)
Tandem introduces its own hybrid work concept.


Announcing WebRTC plugin for Video.js (Ant Media)
Ant Media adds support for WebRTC in Video.js.

nanocosmos presents new release at NAB 2022 (Press release)
Now with WHIP for WebRTC based ingest.

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