WebRTC Weekly Issue #42 - November 19, 2014

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

I wanted to bring to your attention another project – the WebRTC Index. You can get your company added and featured.


Christmas in November! (plus.google.com)
Justin Uberti with breaking news from the IETF: There’s an MTI video codec in WebRTC. It is… both VP8 and H.264.

VP8 or H.264 – The power of compromise (carlosaragon.postach.io)
Carlos David Aragón Sánchez explains what the decision of video MTI in WebRTC means to the various parties involved.

WebRTC, Microsoft/Skype, Apple & Google… some quick thoughts (disruptivewireless.blogspot.com)
Dean Bubley on possible delaying tactics reasoning of Microsoft and Apple.

Tangled Up in WebRTC Blue (nojitter.com)
Andrew Prokop discusses WebRTC purists (and he is, of course, correct).


Why We’re Excited about ORTC (blog.andyet.com)
Philipp Hancke does a good job of explaining what’s broken in the current spec of WebRTC and how ORTC is going to fix it.

The Hobbit Experience 2014 (html5rocks.com)
Daniel Isaksson explains the latest Chrome experiment and shows in detail how WebRTC is used there.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Please welcome Skype for Web (Beta) (blog.skype.com)

4 Reasons Why Your Call Center Should Welcome WebRTC (liveops.com)
Peter Cornelius reasons why WebRTC benefits contact centers.

Introducing Purl: The online meeting tool that kickstarts video chat via your browser (blog.digital.telefonica.com)
The real story here is Telefonica dog-fooding its own TokBox acquisition and introducing a new communications service called Purl on top of it.

Cisco’s New Project Squared Collaboration Tool Offers Modern Alternative To Aging WebEx (techcrunch.com)
Cisco announcing its own project based on WebRTC.

HIPAA Considerations When Adding Telehealth Video Calling To a Health App (sightcall.com)
Damien Espinasse does a good job at explaining HIPPA compliance in video calling (=drilling down to the healthcare vertical).


OpenWebRTC and Bowser interop with Firefox (ericsson.com)
Ericsson successfully interoperates its OpenWebRTC and Bowser with Firefox using H.264.

Meshcentral – WebRTC TURN server now included (intel.com)
MeshCentral adds built-in TURN servers. This service from Intel is about remote monitoring and management of devices.

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