WebRTC Weekly Issue #412 - January 5, 2022

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.

Our recent Kranky Geek event is now available on YouTube.


Using Amazon Voice Focus AMI to reduce noise in audio (AWS)
Interestingly, the Chime SDK team launched a separate noise reduction “product” unrelated to WebRTC.

The Most Comprehensive Guide on WebRTC (EnableX)
I hope mine is the most comprehensive 😉. This one is still nice.

Agora Partners with Bishop Fox to Set the Highest Security Standard for Real-Time Engagement (Agora)
Agora is beefing up the security of its infrastructure.


Use RED on SkyWay to increase voice quality packet loss tolerance (note)
Translate to English. A nice RED implementation for P2P.

PSA: The default value of sdp_semantics is about to change (discuss-webrtc)
Check your native implementation.

Smartpixels.app Lighting Control Project used to control Christmas lights (Electronics-Lab.com)
This worked nicely yesterday. Go check it out.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Samsung’s 2022 Smart TVs to support cloud gaming, video chat and even NFTs (TechCrunch)
Probably by using WebRTC.

LG’s flashy new TV feature is… telehealth? (Mashable)
We’ve seen LG with telehealth TVs last year as well.

BrainCert Unveils Improved Next-Gen Collaborative Virtual Classroom Platform (Press release)
The “new normal” is forcing a change in UI/UX everywhere.

Stop Saying Remote Collaboration Can Never Be as Good as In-Person (LiveSwitch)
They are different.


None this week.

From our own posts

None this week, but you do know I am doing a workshop on WebRTC Trends for 2022. Right?