WebRTC Weekly Issue #401 - October 13, 2021

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


BrightHire scores $20.5M Series B for Zoom-based job interview app (TechCrunch)
Choosing to work as a Zoom App and not using their SDK or WebRTC. Interesting.

Hubilo picks up $125M to double down on building a more engaging platform for virtual and live events (TechCrunch)
Virtual and hybrid events are here to stay, at least if you look at the numbers being raised.


DMA-BUF Support In WebRTC (Jan Grulich)
Some much needed optimization love for Linux.

Network Jitter or Round Trip Time – which is more important in WebRTC? (testRTC)
Putting a bit of order to these two WebRTC metrics.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Canadian pediatric virtual healthcare platform KixCare raises $2M in seed funding (TechCrunch)
Another week, another telehealth vendor raises money.

Spatiality, persistence, and apps: How Teamflow built a virtual office using Daily (Daily)
Teamflow uses the Daily API to mimic the office.

urLive Launches Customer Engagement Platform to Transform the Online Customer Experience (Press release)
The choice of WebRTC based contact centers is growing.


One Year of WebRTC Go: Highlights, Updates, and a Special Announcement on Quota Increases (Twilio)
Twilio summarizing their past year of Twilio Programmable Video.

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