WebRTC Weekly Issue #4 - February 26, 2014

Here’s the latest news this week on WebRTC from your friends at webrtcweekly.com


HTML5 Audio/Video Capture (diego.caravana.to)
Some thoughts on using HTML5 instead of Adobe Flash for audio/video capture.

What do the mobile guys think about WebRTC? (rcrwireless.com)
Not as bad as you might think, is this something mobile operators should embrace?

Is WebRTC good for your contact center? (nojitter.com)
Maybe, maybe not and the answer it would seem depends.

Decoding Apple’s VoIP, WebRTC, UC and VoLTE strategy (disruptivewireless.blogspot.com)
What Dean Bubley really thinks Apple is thinking.

Security and your webcam (rapid7.c0m)
What that little blue light on your webcam really means to WebRTC and what we need to be concerned with.


WebRTC 2014 Roadmap (google.com)
Straight from google, their thoughts on the WebRTC roadmap for 2014.

Ericsson discontinues Bowser (ericsson.com)
No real value now with inclusion of WebRTC into Chrome, Ericsson discontinues their WebRTC enabled browser.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Tune your guitar online (freetuner.co)
No it’s not a typical comm application, but if you’re looking to tune your guitar online, this WebRTC-enabled app can help.

IETF using WebRTC (internetsociety.org)
It would seem a natural for the IETF to use WebRTC, here’s what they’re doing.

It’s still about the data channel for gaming (scirra.com)
Read how scirra is enabling their Construct2 gaming development framework to use WebRTC for future game development.

A new level of conferencing with Voxeet (voxeet.com)
Adopting the WebRTC route for next generation audio conferencing, Voxeet moves to WebRTC.


Acision partners with Crocodile (acision.com)
The news from Mobile World Congress, Acision using Crocodile to power their WebRTC solution.

Dialogic makes a multi-headed announcement at MWC (dialogic.com)
Perhaps complex to decipher, Dialogic bringing together several partners to make WebRTC a reality. They quickly followed with this announcement with Tropo.

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