WebRTC Weekly Issue #397 - September 15, 2021

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Saying Goodbye to Houseparty (Houseparty)
The end of an era. It has been epic (pun intended).

Webex & Google Meet: Inclusive experiences through embedded interop (Webex blog)
“Federation” is moving away from the network side to the applications and appliances side.


WebRTC CPaaS report (sponsored):
10th edition launch promotion available now. Check it out

PSA: Enabling DcSCTP in Chrome M95 (discuss-webrtc)
Google is replacing libsctp with another implementation altogether. We’ve been monitoring this for several months already on our WebRTC Insights.

In-browser media compositing via WebRTC Insertable Streams API (Yakup Çilesiz)
Developing a Loom experience using Insertable Streams.

Google’s Ambition in Audio Compression: an Interview with Jamieson Brettle and Jan Skoglund from Google (LiveVidoStack)
So… Lyra’s innards are going to be replaced by SoundStream.

PSA: AV1X will be replaced with AV1 (discuss-webrtc)
Now we can start using AV1! (for most of us –> not really)

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Microsoft acquires TakeLessons, an online and in-person tutoring platform, to ramp up its edtech play (TechCrunch)
Not sure what TakeLessons have been using, but next year it will be Azure Communication Services.

Google working on Handoff-like ‘Push’ feature for Android & Chrome OS, starting on Pixel (9to5Google)
Mirror Android apps to Chromebooks using WebRTC.

Proximie Selects 8×8 Call and Video Quality Performance Monitoring to Enhance Future of Surgical Healthcare (Press release)
Kudos callstats for the win.

Tonal adds live classes to its strength training workouts (TechCrunch)
WebRTC based?


Native Desktop SDK (Dolby.io)
Electron based, with Dolby’s proprietary audio codec and video filters.

Help Your Users Help Themselves with the New Video Diagnostics App, Now in Beta (Twilio)
Twilio introduces a new diagnostics app for pre call testing.

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