WebRTC Weekly Issue #396 - September 8, 2021

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Voice chat is coming to Roblox (TechCrunch)
Seems like this is not via Guilded which they just acquired. And it supports spatial audio.

Webex by Cisco Hits Record 8 Billion Monthly Calls Milestone (Press release)
A nice, round number.


Join the WebRTC.ventures Team (sponsored):
WebRTC.ventures is seeking additional talent to join their expert development team.

PSA: SDES key exchange is being deprecated and removed (discuss-webrtc)
About time.

Analysis of Satisfyer Toys: Discovering an Authentication Bypass with r2 and Frida (Banana Mafia)
Static TURN credentials aren’t satisfying at all.

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 131 (WebKit)
A lot of work on relay and privacy and not enough on audio.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Virtual meeting platform Vowel raises $13.5M, aims to cure meeting fatigue (TechCrunch)
Kudos on the raise.


Agora to Launch Extensions Marketplace Today at the World’s Largest Real-Time Engagement Conference (Press release)
An interesting move.

testRTC August 2021 Release Notes (testRTC)
Improvements across all products.

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None this week.