WebRTC Weekly Issue #392 - August 11, 2021

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Firefox Lost Almost 50 million Users: Here’s Why It is Concerning (It’s FOSS)

Unity to acquire Parsec in its biggest acquisition to date (TechCrunch)
This one is interesting. Unity can use Parsec for both cloud based rendering as well as a cloud gaming engine.

Microsoft Acquires Peer5 to Enhance Live Video Streaming in Microsoft Teams (Microsoft Tech Community)
Kudos to the Peer5 team.


WabRTC training courses (sponsored):
learn WebRTC in a structured and effective manner

Dealing with HTMLMediaElements and srcObjects in WebRTC applications (webrtcHacks)
How to deal with the new media element leaks and restrictions.

Building a more efficient Background Segmentation model than Google (Vectorly)
Apparently, there are better ways to implement ML in browsers.

Live stream Daily video calls with Amazon IVS for ultra-low latency (Daily)
A good tutorial on how to connect to Amazon IVS.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Match Group to add audio and video chat, including group live video, to its dating app portfolio (TechCrunch)
Makes sense after the acquisition of Hyperconnect.

Hello -Metaverse- World (Metaverses)
Chris Matthieu starting a new initiative.


Mac 1.23.7 – Virtual Background (BETA) (Krisp)
Krisp breaking away from voice only, introducing virtual backgrounds.

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