WebRTC Weekly Issue #39 - October 29, 2014

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com. It’s been a busy week with a lot of information to report. Interesting is WebRTC news making more mainstream outlet headlines.


Brandis is watching (brandisiswatching.com)
For your joy and amusement only…

Bringing Interoperable Real-Time Communications to the Web (blogs.skype.com)
Microsoft finally takes the plunge and officially announces future support for WebRTC ORTC. Make sure to read Dean Bubley’s thoughts on Microsoft’s announcement.


Untangling the WebRTC Flow (pkcsecurity.com)
Dan Norman provides a good overview for developers of the flow of a WebRTC peer connection establishment.

Lollipop unwrapped: Chromium WebView will update via Google Play (theregister.co.uk)
Get ready for native WebRTC support in Android’s WebView.

Identifiers for WebRTC Statistics API (w3.org)
Statistics API in WebRTC is abysmally lacking. This new draft is trying to fix that.

OpenWebRTC presentation video (www.openwebrtc.io)
Watch this if you are interested about the innards of Ericsson’s OpenWebRTC project.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Five Over-the-top, Mobile Customer Care Applications (blog.realtimecommunicationsworld.com)
Ashish Jain introduces 5 different ways to provide customer care – some of them use WebRTC.

Unify Defines and Delivers a New Industry Category for the New Way to Work and Promises a Radical Shift in the Human Work Experience (unify.com)
Big words for a new UC product that uses WebRTC. Next week we will have one or two pundit posts about this one.


Packing more punch into OpenTok (tokbox.com)
TokBox outlines their future release plan (not roadmap – just schedule).

Talky 2 is Coming; A Word About Otalk (blog.andyet.com)
Got a sneak peak. Can’t wait to use it daily.

JsSIP 0.4.0 Released (jssip.net)


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