WebRTC Weekly Issue #389 - July 21, 2021

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Zoom to Acquire Five9 and Build the Customer Engagement Platform of the Future (Zoom)
Now we can officially say that Zoom uses WebRTC 😎


Making Zoom’s Smart Gallery on the Web with MediaPipe and BreakoutBox (webrtcHacks)

For developers, Apple’s Safari is crap and outdated (Perry Sun)
What Perry says.

Waiting Room and Pre-Call Best Practices With Vonage Video API (Vonage)
Useful tips for the pre-call stages.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Join the WebRTC.ventures Team (sponsored):
WebRTC.ventures is seeking additional talent to join their expert development team.

Flymachine raises $21 million to build a virtual concerts platform for a post-pandemic world (TechCrunch)
I like the new approach of augmenting/supplementing live with remote.

Anyone is building a marketplace for advice, one 5-minute call at a time (TechCrunch)
I wonder if this is using WebRTC or not.

PetMantraa Ropes in EnableX Video to Kickstart Virtual Consultation for Pets (EnableX)
Vets and WebRTC.


Introducing Twilio Live: Build Interactive Live Streaming at Global Scale — Now in Beta (Twilio)
Twilio adds WebRTC broadcast support. In private beta for the time being.

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