WebRTC Weekly Issue #381 - May 26, 2021

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Join the WebRTC.ventures Team (sponsored):
WebRTC.ventures is seeking additional talent to join their expert development team.

The Complete Guide to Enabling Your Call Center with Video (And Why) (Lifesize)
A good overview of the uses of video in call centers.

2 Ways to Create HIPAA-Compliant Video Streaming (Red5 Pro)
The CPaaS angle here is sourly missing and is one of the most common way this is happening today.


How to Leverage the AWS WebSocket API for Serverless WebRTC signaling (webrtcHacks)
Using serverless functions as your signaling.

How to make a headless robot to test WebRTC in your Daily app (Daily)
101 on selenium browser automation in the cloud.

Mobile Battery Lifespan: A Comparison Between EnableX and A Leading WebRTC SDK Provider (EnableX)
I wonder what bitrates were configured in these providers.

Vonage Is Raising Video Quality for Live Interactions in the Post-Pandemic Era (Vonage)
Vonage shares results of the whitepaper authored by testRTC.

WebRTC performance comparison testing (and a whitepaper) (testRTC)
How we at testRTC handled the performance comparison for Vonage.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Project Starline: Feel like you’re there, together (Google The Keyword)
Telepresence is new again.

4 Google smart home updates that Matter (Google The Keyword)
Google Assistant now has WebRTC support.

Interactio, a remote interpretation platform, grabs $30M after seeing 12x growth during COVID-19 (TechCrunch)
Kudos on raising funds.

Sinch, a Swedish customer engagement giant, raises $1.1B, SoftBank and Temasek participating (TechCrunch)
I wonder if they’ll buy more SMS with it, or do something with VoIP/WebRTC.

Cammio lauches recruitment video messaging functionality Clips (Cammio)
Cammio adds asynchronous video.


Product Update: Introducing Custom App Level Roles (callstats.io)
Callstats adds granular permissions and roles.

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