WebRTC Weekly Issue #378 - May 5, 2021

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Join the Wonder WebRTC unConference 🙌 (sponsored):
On May 18th, we’ll unite the WebRTC community to talk about our bright browser-based future.

Telegram to add group video calls next month (TechCrunch)
With or without WebRTC? With browser support or without?


We’re hiring! (sponsored):
Join the growing team of WebRTC engineers at WebRTC.ventures.

Insertable streams for MediaStreamTrack (web.dev)
Expect more virtual backgrounds and funny hats in WebRTC from now on.

New WebKit Features in Safari 14.1 (WebKit)
Finally MediaRecorder support.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Clubhouse put a big bullseye on social audio (VC Cafe)
Can’t have a week without Clubhouse these days.

Indian online teaching platform Teachmint raises $16.5 million (TechCrunch)
Another week, another education startup raises money.

StriveCast develops the first P2P eCDN for subnet matching in MDNS networks (Strivecast)
StriveCast tries to solve mesh P2P delivery on local networks that do mDNS with a locally installed server.


Announcing Daily Live Streaming (Daily)
Daily adds RTMP connectors for live streaming.

Deliver better video with real-time session statistics (Frozen Mountain)
LiveSwitch Cloud now offers its own analytics dashboard for media stats.

From our own posts

None this week.