WebRTC Weekly Issue #371 - March 17, 2021

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


WebRTC reaches maturity (IOT Communications)
Dean Bubley in a nice 101 piece on WebRTC.

VoIP Network Tests in the era of WebRTC (testRTC)
A look at what’s broken (and needed) in VoIP network testing.


Join us, We’re hiring! (sponsored):
Video calls designed for actions, ideas, and energy. Built specifically for remote teams.

Chrome 90 Beta: AV1 Encoder for WebRTC, New Origin Trials, and More (Chromium Blog)
AV1 officially in Chrome. Now lets see how fast it gets picked up (we’re over 5 years in with VP9 for comparison).

Why Video Chat is a Hard Technical Problem (Em Lazer-Walker)
It is a hard technical problem. WebRTC simplifies it, but there’s more to be done.

Microsoft is ending support for the old non-Chromium Edge (The Verge)
It will also match the 4-week release cadence of Chrome.

Why You Need to Implement ABR with WebRTC (Red5 Pro)
I think you need both simulcast and ABR. And soon we will all need SVC just for good measures.

Advanced memory management and more performance improvements in M89 (Chromium Blog)
I am guessing Google decided 2021 is the year they double down on browser performance across the board.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Sources: Web Summit will spin out its virtual conference software as a full-blown startup (TechCrunch)
Good luck at UNDP!

Sequoia Capital puts millions of dollars into Gather, a virtual HQ platform (TechCrunch)
Another attempt at recreating the office “experience”


Ant Media Server v2.3.0 is out (Ant Media)
Data channel support among other features.

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