WebRTC Weekly Issue #367 - February 17, 2021

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


How we hosted FOSDEM 2021 on Matrix (Matrix)
Matthew Hodgson shares in detail how they use Matrix and Jitsi for FOSDEM 2021.


We’re hiring! (sponsored):
Join us at Tribe to build the best remote communication platform for humans.

PSA: Timeline for Plan B SDP Deprecation and Removal – Please Migrate to Unified Plan (discuss-webrtc)
Most are still waiting for Unified Plan to work well on Chrome before they do that.

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 120 (WebKit)
VP9 support and audio fixes. When is this coming to Safari users?

Typical Video Bitrates (AddPipe)
Bitrates for recordings. More analysis needs to be done about the video codecs, but interesting as is.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Interactive Real-Time Streaming Whitepaper (sponsored):
Read how Experience Delivery Network (XDN) technology makes fully scalable, multi-directional video streaming possible.

Chrome OS is preparing support for Pixel phone screen mirroring (Android Police)
WebRTC getting more use by Google.

Quilt, an audio social network focused on self care, raises $3.5 million in seed (TechCrunch)
I wonder if this uses WebRTC.

Live video shopping startup Talkshoplive raises $3M (TechCrunch)
Same question – I wonder if this uses WebRTC.

Zencastr raises $4.6M as its beta video offering goes live for all (TechCrunch)
Another week, another podcasting service goes video.

Dolby.io Spatial Audio Adds Lifelike Experience to Social Networking App (Dolby.io)
Hubbub makes use of Dolby.io.


New Feature: Network vs Host Geolocation (callstats)
callstats now allows disabling IP address collection of the clients.

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