WebRTC Weekly Issue #360 - December 30, 2020

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Video Communications and Covid-19: Why the battle was won (Alex Eleftheriadis)
A nice overview of where we came from.

Google Stadia is now available on iOS (TechCrunch)
Mobile Safari. Using WebRTC.


Release [email protected] (Pion)
Pion is growing up.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

The CoScreen Manifesto: Deep Collaboration for Engineering Teams (CoScreen)
A nice angle on collaboration spaces.

CommonGround raises $19M to rethink online communication (TechCrunch)
Kudos on the fund raising.

Remote Post-Production: Real-Time #WebRTC Streaming in OBS & Beyond (WebRTC by Dr Alex)
Alex on the focus of WebRTC in post production.


None this week.

From our own posts

None this week