WebRTC Weekly Issue #348 - October 7, 2020

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Introducing Google Workspace (Google Cloud)
The future of UCaaS seems to be embedded with Office products.

Google research lets sign language switch ‘active speaker’ in video calls (TechCrunch)
This one is really cool. Just wondering if it would be easier to just have a button on the screen instead.

Dialpad raises $100M Series E at a $1.2B valuation (TechCrunch)
I wonder who will they acquire next.

Nvidia says its AI can fix some of the biggest problems in video calls (The Verge)
A tall promise.


We’re Hiring! (sponsored):
Join us at WebRTC.ventures and help us build the next generation of video apps!

Understanding onicecandidateerror (WebRTC fiddle of the month)
Understand how to deal with the common 701 and 401 STUN/TURN server errors.

Control camera pan, tilt, and zoom (web.dev)
PTZ is coming for the web. Zoom seems like the best thing as it should work on mobile devices as well.

Building a Real-Time Hate Speech Detection for the Web (The Startup)
Nice. Now can we get this to work on Google’s sign language research work as well?

WHIP – Make WebRTC easy to use for Media Platforms ingest (WebRTC by Dr Alex)
A new IETF draft for a simple transport protocol to ingest of video broadcast scenarios. More also on Medooze and Meetecho.

8 Components of WebRTC Security Architecture (Red5 Pro)
A good overview of the security aspects of WebRTC.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

Augmedix Closes $25 Million Private Placement (Press release)
Telehealth is the place to be in 2020.

Dolby.io Supports InputHealth’s 600% Increase in Usage During Covid-19 (Dolby.io)
Anyone said telehealth?

Remotion raises $13M to create a workplace video platform for short, spontaneous conversations (TechCrunch)
I wonder how this niche is going to stack up against the larger video vendors.

ViRTC Is A Browser-Based Virtual Desktop- No Installs Required (UploadVR)
Oculus is just the excuse here.

Introducing Twelephone Pro (Twelephone)
Twelephone by Chris Matthieu is back.

How Workable uses testRTC for automated WebRTC testing (testRTC)
Regression testing for WebRTC as done by Workable.


Bring phone calls to your web browser with Bandwidth and WebRTC (Bandwidth)
Bandwidth introduces WebRTC voice calling in its platform.

Announcing Twilio Video WebRTC Go: Build and Run 1:1 Video Apps for Free (Twilio)
Free WebRTC service from Twilio for those starting out.

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