WebRTC Weekly Issue #340 - August 12, 2020

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com.


Krisp snags $5M A round as demand grows for its voice-isolating algorithm (TechCrunch)
Kudos to the Krisp.ai team!

Three months, 30x demand: How we scaled Google Meet during COVID-19 (Google Cloud)
Interesting to see how large vendors cope with hyper-growth in demand.

We Live At Work Now. Get Your Audio And Video Right (Packet Pushers)
Great suggestions.


Exploiting Android Messengers with WebRTC: Part 3 (Project Zero)
Make sure to also read part 1+2 (and join our webinar below).

Upcoming Webinar: Protecting your WebRTC application from recent data channel exploits (BlogGeek.me)
Register to learn more about the recent data channel exploit.

Fiddle of the month: Pre-call device selection (WebRTC Course)
How to cope with the changes coming to enumerateDevices().

Use Cases and Customer Wins

We’re Hiring! (sponsored):
Join us at WebRTC.ventures and help us build the next generation of video apps!

Android’s ‘Nearby Share’ file sharing feature is finally launching (The Verge)
Makes use of “Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC or peer-to-peer Wi-Fi”.

Scener and Agora Partner to Scale Watch Party Platform After Seeing 100x Growth (Press release)
I can see this use case staying with us after the pandemic as well.

AVCtechnologies Announces Agreement to Buy Ribbon’s Kandy Communications Business (Press release)
Kandy switching hands.


The First HEVC (H.265) Support in WebRTC and Improved Performance in v2.1 (Ant Media)
Ant Media adds HEVC support to its WebRTC streaming capabilities.

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