WebRTC Weekly Issue #33 - September 17, 2014

Here is the latest on WebRTC  from your friends at webrtcweekly.com


Weemo Changes Its Name to SightCall (sightcall.com)
This change of name – will it do to Weemo what it did for Cloudeo (who changed their name to AddLive and got acquired)?

ORTC is not the “Other” RTC: Q&A with ORTC CG Chair Robin Raymond (webrtchacks.com)
Making sense out of ORTC and WebRTC (hint: they will be one and the same)

Bandwidth pricing versus per minute pricing (xirsys.com)
The differences between per minute and bandwidth pricing. You should read it especially if you are using PaaS for yout WebRTC service.


Chrome – Firefox WebRTC Interop Test – Pt 2 (googletesting.blogspot.com)
How Google is testing for interoperability with Firefox – the second part.

How to Develop a WebRTC Video Conferencing Server Using PowerMedia XMS, Free In An Hour (dialogic.com)
If you are contemplating the use of Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS, then this should be something to look at.

Use Cases and Customer Wins

TYWI-Education Software For Real-time Voice Translation (scoop.co.nz)
We’ve noticed recently a lot of translation related companies starting to use WebRTC. TYWI is just the latest example.

JibJab Acquires Make Believe Studios, Makers Of Video Calling App Hello Santa (techcrunch.com)
Make Believe Labs were using TokBox for their Hello Santa service. They just got acquired by JibJab, who focus on children related apps and services.


GENBAND offers new PaaS, Kandy (programmableweb.com)
GENBAND just launched its own WebRTC API Platform – Kandy.

ooVoo Releases Video SDK for WebRTC (finance.yahoo.com)
ooVoo, an OTT player is joining in the WebRTC API Platforms space.

OnSIP’s SIP.js Site Gets A Makeover (onsip.com)
SIP.js, on of the JavaScript SIP clients out there, has an overhaul of their website.

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